Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, has great panoramic views over the bustling city and harbour, and at just over £42,000 per square foot, it’s also the most expensive place to buy a house in the world.

20131005-113058.jpgUs at the top of Hong Kong Island, admiring the view of the city below

We took the Peak Tram funicular railway to the top, which is good value for money as there’s a nice collection of small museum-like exhibits that explain the history of the tram cars, the old ticket class system, and the costumes worn by the passengers during its heyday. The first two rows of first class on every trip were reserved until 2 minutes before departure for the Governor of Hong Kong, should he and his guests or entourage arrive unannounced!

20131005-205743.jpgThe first electric motor installed in 1926, replacing the old steam-powered winching engine; a reconstruction of an original carriage using the tools and techniques of the period; cable guides between the tracks; setting off

The ride up the mountainside on the Peak Tram is smooth and very steep in a couple of places, the excitement level is somewhat akin to a young child’s fairground attraction – great for those of us who behave like young children on occasion :)

There’s quite a bit to see and do at the top. The tram station is on the ground floor of one of the two multi-storey shopping centres (yes, you read that correctly!), featuring shops, some quirky cafes and small lunchtime eateries, with the best views reserved for a handful of very nice restaurants.

The nearest you can get to the summit is a small park, but we decided we’d do the 3.5km Peak Circular Walk – a level walk that circumnavigates the Peak itself, affording a 360° view of the city, the western harbour, and the less developed southern side.

20131006-161140.jpgPok Fu Lam reservoir, south-west of Victoria Peak

20131006-220410.jpgHong Kong Island, the harbour and Kowloon peninsula in the background, from Victoria Peak

Both The Peak and The Galleria shopping centres have open-air viewing galleries, but while The Peak’s is easily the highest, The Galleria’s is free!

We took the number S11 bus down the twisty narrow roads back to Central Hong Kong and it was more of an adults roller-coaster ride, with the sheer drops on one side, the speed of our descent, and the seemingly near-misses with traffic coming the other way. The woman from a Nepalese couple we met at the bus stop kept her eyes shut almost all the way down!

2 thoughts on “Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

  1. Malcolm

    Hey you two! Wonderful to see you both looking so well and happy.
    Loved the photos and write-up on HK, particularly the train/tram thingy and the description of the bus ride down the hill… sounds a bit white knuckle to us ;0

    Update from home… Kitchen fitters are nearing completion of the units etc., sprks booked for wiring in the integrated white goods and hob for tomorrow (Friday). Have to choose between a couple of quotes for tiling the floor and start dates. Should be finished by first week in November, which is when the fitted wardrobes arrive and are to be erected in our bedroom. Taking photos as work progresses and will send you a couple of ‘before and after’ in due course.

    Stay well, love every day, be happy.

    mum and dad
    xx xx

    1. Andrew Post author

      Thanks Mum & Dad :)

      It was a pretty white knuckle ride, and we were on the top deck of a double-decker bus so we got the added thrill of feeling the roll through the bends!

      Can’t wait to see your new kitchen photos :)



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