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Two Years!

Two years ago today we set off from a train station in the north east of England for the biggest adventure and experience of our lives. A year later we were in Bangladesh, one of our favourite countries so far and we’d planned as far as Japan – the furthest either of us have ever been away from home.

1 year in, Joypurhat, Bangladesh

1 year in. 17th March 2014, Joypurhat, Bangladesh – waiting for a bus to Paharpur (photo credit: Roman, a very kind student we met on the train)

Today we’re in Carcassonne in the south of France, and with a little tinge of sadness we have just booked our final train tickets to the UK. When will it end, we hear you ask? Keep reading to find out!

2 years in  - us in Switzerland

Time for another “spot the difference” competition in the comments! Here we’d just arrived in Switzerland to stay with old friends – thanks again for a fantastic time Heidi and Olivier :o)

Thanks once more for following and commenting (hint ;o) on our adventures..